Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebrate good times. Come on!

Went to Stephanie's graduation party today. Ate food and talked to Heather and TJ and Mandy and Stephanie and other people. They had something like a fondue fountain, only it was for the punch. It was awesome. My dad and sister are camping somewhere with my cousins and aunt. Or maybe two of my aunts. I don't know. So it is just me and my mom and it is quiet and I love it. When we got home, I spread new tire mulch all upons our swing-set/playground/whatever area in the backyard. And then I came inside and on the ol' tubes and downloaded about 50 Dial-A-Song tracks from a stupid website that only let me listen to them, so I had to go into IE settings and look at all the temp files and sort through them to find the mp3s. But still. Yay. I have the best desktop background EVAR. I am so totally in love with it.

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