Monday, June 23, 2008

"How cool is that! So I went to your room and I read your diary."

I have to go do my last assignment paper thing for Student Development by midnight, which is in two hours. So. This is my awesome friend Josh at the Comedy Barn in either Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I don't know which one. Ok, google says Pigeon Forge. From when our class was on senior trip in May. We were the only people from up north in the entire audience. He's the one with the red shirt. When the guy was looking for volunteers, we all yelled and pointed at him. He didn't know that he'd screwed up until he came back to sit down and we told him; he was confused as to why everybody was laughing so hard and was like, "I didn't think I was that funny. Also, he hop/jumps around funny because he'd never learned how to skip. We gave him lessons that night. Haha. When we rewatched it back at the cabin that night, someone noticed what he'd done at 8:44, and we died laughing.

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