Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When you are alone, you are the cat; you are the phone; you are an animal.

Today was fine. First period, I sat in the hallway and copied someone's review sheet while the rest of the class took a test. Second, speech, Emily did her devotional. Third. Science. I gave Mrs. Warkentien a picture I scanned from the last page of a Wired magazine, about a tooth phone. She always goes on a huge rabbit trail whenever anyone mentions that thing. Took 20 minutes talking about it and pacemakers and defibulators and things. Today is Wednesday, so we had chapel after that. It was neat. Deanna showed pictures from the cruise she and her family and Sam and Aaron and their family and Steve and Stephanie and Melissa and other people went on over spring break. And then we took personality-type quizzes. Fourth, which was history, was short because chapel ran over very much. The rest of the class took a pop quiz while I sat there. Then lunch. Yogurt raisin boxes smell weird on the inside. In Bible, we went over Joel. I massaged Josh's neck cause it hurt. TJ kept unshunning and reshunning Lindsy. Sixth period, in math, we took a quiz. And then we went over a new section. Seventh period was a study hall day for video class. We sat in the conference room and talked about random things. Tried to burn a dvd of a kids program for a teacher, but it didn't work. Sam layed on the floor cause he was so tired. Then he got up and sat in a chair. He told us about the cruise. Last period in art, we started/finished/are making these 3D picture things by layering cardboard pieces on top of these sticky little squares. I then proceeded to leave when the bell rang and sat by Mr. Casbohm who was calling the kids' numbers. Then my dad came and we went home. That is all.

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