Monday, April 2, 2007

Much awesome stuff has happened. I really want to write it all out, but I'm not gonna now. I will in depth, hopefully, later. Just in case I don't, though, I shall give a very brief overview. On Friday, I went to this really interesting/cool thing with 9 people from FBC youth group, plus Pastor Dave, or P-Diddle, and Jen, or his wife. It was called Real World University, and we went down to Columbus to a church where they gave us cool id tag thingies and sweet notebooks and the most insanely great little white flat pens. Oh. This is supposed to be an overview. Right. We went to the Columbus Police Academy; police people talked to us. Very much more interesting sufff happened, which I'll hopefully tell later. We then went to the zoo. A nurse from... a place where nurses work that isn't a hospital which the word for is currently escaping me came and talked to us there. Then people brought out animals for us to look at. Then we got to walk around the zoo for 20!minutes. Then a vet takled to us. Then we went to OSU, and Maurice Hall, a former running back of football, talked to us. Brittni wore her Michigan sweatshirt, and we sat right in the middle, in front of him; he kept joking about her while he was talking. She got his autograph. Then we went home.

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