Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't make me kill you again

Ondine is cool. TMBG is cool. Walk-a-thon was yesterday. We acutally got to go to the park place we usually go to, not the parking lot! It was really fun. I have sunburn from it! On my forearms and face and neck. The first of much pain to come. 10 miles is not really that far. Seemed to go by fast. My legs do not really hurt at all which is very good; they usually do. I walked with Mandy, Kristin, Heather, and Stephanie at the very beginning, at the front of the line, mostly. Then, after the first break, Heather and I went back to the back to Mr. Wright, who separated the elementary from the junior high and highschool. It was extremely loud and the children kept trying to get in front of him, but it was fun talking to him. Then we kept walking and walking. Then it was lunch; we ate in a park thing that had picnic tables and such. Then we walked more. I talked to TJ and Mike. TJ told us how Pete Townshend sort of invented the windmill. Then I slowed down until I was with Kelly B. and Sam and Mr. Wright. I found that Sam and Kelly and some other people had been counting the dotted lines on the asphalt since lunch; they were up to 800-something. When we were around 1000, Sam guessed that there'd be 1200 of them. There were 1213. Since we were at the back of the highschool, we were the very last ones to get on the bus. I sat next to Heather and across from Sam. We went back to school. I went home.

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