Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ugh... ACT's. My mother insists I study; at the very least to look at the bunch of information I brought home from school months ago. Must take it this Saturday. And I have to get up early, like even earlier than I do for school. I see no point in studying for standardized tests like this. It's not like I'm going to miraculously review the exact things that are on there. I don't retain things from studying anyway. I retain useless information that I do not need to know. Like that you're more likely to die by falling out of bed than by being struck by lightning. Which is good to know, I suppose, but whatever. Ooh. Cabbagetown just started playing on the wonderful/faulty Clock Radio. I've only ever heard the demo version. Oooh. Now the original version of James K. Polk? How nice. Never heard that one before either. I can't wait until I have enough money to buy an iPod. I will fill it with TMBG and sbemails, which reminds me that I must go catch up on all the Haven't been there in forever. I did just watch the first 50 emails on dvd though. I think I like this version of James K. Polk better than the FS one. Yesterday at church, Pastor Dave said he got a 29 on the ACT. Which is really good, I think. My mom says I need to get a 30 or above. I'm taking the writing part of it too. I'm not very good at writing. Not good at writing the types of things I'll need to write. My opinion, persuasive stuff, whatever. I can never come up with the right words to express what I'm thinking. Creepy. By Mono Puff. Great! I made a new background. I like it. I just uploaded it to deviantart. John Linnell and a lot of words. How do you make a link? Uh.. Don't, don't, don't let's start.

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