Friday, April 6, 2007

Spriii-ii-iiing BREAK!

I have absolutely nothing to do! It's so boring! But I think the exclamation points make it exciting! Yeah?! On Sunday, I went to the Lorain County Senior All-Star Game(s), or something like that. Because Sam was in it. And he dunked! It was cool. Had two three pointers, too. 12 points total I think. The team he was on lost, but it doesn't matter. Cause it was just like a game to show off their mad 3 point shooting skillz. Which weren't very good. That's like all they did. Every time someone passed them the ball, they'd shoot. Sam only took 3 three point shots though, and actually passed it to other people. Yay him. His aunt asked me if I'd tape the game, which I did. My cousin Abby and sister were sitting next to me at the top of the bleachers. Abby thought for like the first half of the game that I was taping it with my camera, for me, and was acting very awesome/strange/weird-ly. Sam said he was amused by it. I'm going to a mall tomorrow. I don't say the mall because it's not the mall I usually go to. Not that I go to malls often at all. Is with my youth group, to hide 16,000 Easter eggs. For children to find on Sunday. Is a ministry outreach thing. Will be fun! I can't stay awake anymore to watch late night tv! I always fall asleep too early and then wake up just as soon as whatever band or stand up comedian finishes singing/telling lame jokes. I must stay up tonight, dang it! Can't wait till July 10th! THE ELSE! EEH!!!! And that's a week before my birthday! YAY!

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