Saturday, April 14, 2007


Not as hard as I was thinking they were going to be. I finished the English and reading tests before time was up. I feel like I answered all the questions on the English one correctly. I swear the time keeper lady didn't keep the time right during math. It was supposed to be 60 minutes for 60 questions. I had about ten or so questions left when she said there were five minutes left. I finished two more questions and was about to just randomly fill in the other ones when the dang timer rang. Scared me so much I jumped. Science was all stupid charts and graphs. I mostly finished but skim read the last two sections and half guessed the answers. Writing was all right. I've realized that I totally prefer typing over writing. I write kind of sloppy. Typing is nice, so long as you spell right and capitalize and punctuate and such. And then I got Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell. I think I maybe want to go back and tag a ton of my entries. Eh. Maybe.

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