Monday, February 5, 2007

NO SCHOOL! (Reprise)

Yep. No school again. It's too cold. Like 5 degrees right now. There're over 600 schools closed around here. At least, that's what the newspeople said. Was already canceled since 5 or 6 last night, which is very good. Most likely no school tomorrow either. I really hope so. Today was supposed to be out Scarlet Letter mock retrial. It's really dumb. It could be awesome, but Miss Reeves doesn't want any humor or laughing whatsoever. I taped last year's when the now-seniors did it. It was so boring. And I am a townsperson. We're gonna make Miss Reeves so dang mad when we do it, because my class cannot do anything very seriously. We wanted to make the trial a musical. Or in the style of The Office. TJ and I decided that John Smith is the Dwight of Jamestown. And Pocahontas is Angela. We're doing a trial in government too. To learn how the judicial system works. We get to make up the crime ourselves, and so far, it's insanely complicated. Mr. Spickler's getting so excited and making the plot more and more complex. A summary (or what I have written down so I wouldn't get confused): Executive secretary worked for Enron. She lost job, money, life savings. Started working as waitress at truck stop. Nice car repossessed because couldn't afford payments. Car truck driver boyfriend dumped her at same time. Emotionally distressed. In deserted parking lot of truck stop. 3 am. Is on break. Only boyfriend with truck with cars to be sold on it there. She shoots him with poison dart. He dies. Takes car from car truck. Leaves ex-boyfriend in driver's seat. Been in contact with Canadian drug lord who is secret boyfriend. She pretends to be police and pulls car truck drivers over for speeding, shoots them with poison dart, puts them in her "cop" car, steals car truck. Takes car truck to drug lord boyfriend to use to smuggle drugs in. And that's not all of it; we're not done. I shall tell about my cool weekend sometime later. Perhaps tomorrow. If there's no school.

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