Friday, February 9, 2007


My sister's JH basketball team actually won a game. Their first one all year. It was 4-4 at halftime. They were down by two with 4.5 seconds left. Someone inbounded the ball to Kari who turned and made a three pointer. Very awesome. We decided what everyone's names are in the trial. I'm Pam Halpert. Emily is Shelly Dishes. Because TJ and Em and Josh and I couldn't stop laughing for forever after Josh first said it. One of the dead truck drivers is Tai Wan Dong Chow. In Bible we had to either write a poem or compose/perform a song or draw a picture or write a story about a proverb from Proverbs. I picked Proverbs 14:5 and did a comic in which a bespectacled man asks his friend John if he'd seen his missing coffee, ending in a bespectacled man giving bystander Marty his guitar for ratting out John, saying that he saw him drink it.

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