Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Yep. Too cold still. This really is great. I made pancakes today. And put grape jelly and peanut butter on them. Very good. So cool. Dwight + Ok Go. Flansburgh's Four-Eyes About to Rock, I Salute You is very interesting. I was looking for it too a while ago but couldn't find it anywhere. On Friday, after school, I went with Sara and Heather to Taco Bell and then to CCS for the basketball games. Four of them, which was cool. I kept stats for the junior high girls game; Sara did the scorebook. We lost. After that, we ate our foodz, cause there wasn't enough time before. Then I sat by Sam and he asked me if I could tape his game later. So I did. The junior high boys won. And the varsity girls lost. I asked Mandy to come sit by me because I was by myself on the home side because that's the only outlet Sam could find. Their bleachers were weird. They were really high, but they didn't have any railings on the sides. Mandy couldn't climb up them, and she kept trying for about 10 minutes; she finally gave up and went to sit down where she was before. After half time, if our team has the ball to start with, the guys sometimes run this awesome play called "Stupid" in which all the guys set up on the wrong end of the court; they don't switch sides. And the other team usually sets up their defense down there too. So when Jeremy or Steve or Brandon or whoever gets the ball to pass it in, Sam takes off running down the court to the other end and dunks it. He did that at homecoming this year and it was so cool. The reaction of the other team is always funny. They didn't do that on Friday. So. The varsity guys won 70-something to 20-something. And then I waited till Sam came outta the locker room so I could give him his camera. By now it was maybe 9 or 9:30. My mom went to pick up my cousin from her house to take her to the overnight thing. It was really fun. I didn't actually do much. There were over 400 junior high/high school people there. They had volleyball and basketball tournaments, massive 30-people-to-a-side dodgeball games, laser tag, racquet ball, ping pong, video games, movies, and a bunch of other stuffs. At one point, probably at 3 in the morning or something, in between basketball games, TJ goes "Hey Val." And starts doing Michael's stretches and warmups from the basketball episode of The Office. I told him to do Stanley. It was really funny. And later me and him and Sam and Chrissy and Pastor Dave were sitting at a table in the lobby lounge thing. There was popcorn lying on the table and TJ and I started to say what each kernel looked like. And then he pretended they were spaceships with bad pilots that crashed into the table. Pastor Dave said that he smelled really bad and that he thought he should rub the popcorn on himself. He said that there was this big bag of popcorn that he had in the youth room at church that was really old but still tasted the same for three months. We left there at 7 in the morning and went back to the school. The pancake breakfast was that morning, and my sister and my mom and I stayed to help, because she's on the PTA. I made a bunch of pancakes. And then I went home and slept from 9:30 to 1:30. And then we went back to the school again to watch the junior high boy's tournament game. It was against the same team they'd beaten the day before. Our team played pretty bad, but we still won, but it was only by two or four points, I think. This entry is really, really long. And then we went home. Ok, I'm done now.

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