Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old video games were cool.

So a week ago, I had this weird blast of memories that came from nowhere about how I'd always go over to Tuckers' house, and Joseph and I and Jonathan would play all these awesome games that they had on their Windows 95, or maybe 98 PC. Games like: Tyrian. It took me a really long time to find this one, and of course it was the one I was most set on finding. Joseph and I would play this for hours and hours. And we wouldn't let Jonathan play, and he would cry. And when we did let him play, we always made him be Player 2 and have the big fat wide ship. I've played it for at least ten hours already. I beat it on easy. Go me! Rodent's Revenge. Joseph loves this game. It's pretty fun. I am not very good at it though. SkiFree. Frikkin snow monster. I hate you!

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