Friday, July 11, 2008


There is this most amazing website with this most amazing service, You text any question to their number, 242242, and in minutes you get an answer. You can ask pretty much anything; I asked what the date of the episode of The Colbert Report was when Stephen signed a giant check with a giant pen, and they answered in like a minute. It's done by people online, using search engines and such. It's all free except for normal text messaging prices obviously. And I'm gonna apply to be one of the answer givers, called ChaCha guides. But I have to wait a week until I'm 18. They get paid 20 cents per answer. I would probably even do it for free; it's exactly everything that is interesting and fun to me. Basically getting paid to learn random trivia and help people. Awesome.

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  1. The past few times I've used ChaCha, it's taken forever to respond. Like over a half an hour.


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