Thursday, August 16, 2007

The system is down. The system is down. The Cheat is GROUNDED.

I saw this band on Conan the other day, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I don't see how anyone would like them. The guy who sang was... whining; you could barely hear what he was saying; he barely opened his mouth. I mean, the music wasn't that bad, just kind of repetitive. I wonder if that's how they sound on their records or not. Ugh. They do. Their Myspace. Bleh. Seems a lot of people like them though. Have over 100,000 friends. Yuck. --- Late last night, I found some really really great interviews with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, serious interviews, actually them, not their characters. Not that Jon really has a character on TDS, but still. Interviews. They're amazingly long, and infinitely interesting. There's four or five with Jon, from 1999 to 2004, and one with Stephen, in 2006. These type of things enthrall me to no end; I could watch them and the interviewer, Charlie Rose, who is, in my opinion, awesome, great at his job, for hours. Whoah. All my interjections and commas make that sentence confusing. It's like how I felt watching Mike Rowe on QVC clips- that I could listen to him all day and be really happy. Only more so with these interviews. I watched the one with Stephen and two with Jon, stayed up until past 3am. I'll watch the rest of them today. Each is either 20 or 35 minutes long I think. It's.. reassuring?to me that they are, in fact, smart, smart people. I have tremendous respect for them now. Way more than before.

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