Saturday, August 25, 2007

So school is starting this Tuesday.

And I have classes. *Bible. First period. This is gonna be really great. Mr. Wright said we can bring in breakfast stuff whenever we want. Plus, Mr. Wright's awesome. Plus, Bible is a really fun class. *Study hall. I think. The schedule they sent me is confusing. *English. Not as great. I don't enjoy Miss Reeves. I hope this is better than it was last year. *Physics. I wish Mr. Townsend was still here to teach me this. I'm gonna miss him. Ever year he had his students build rocket cars. And do all this neat stuff. Now, Mrs. Warkentien is teaching it. I thought the new math teacher would. *sigh* Mrs. Warkentien's teaching methods and me do not mesh well. But my mom said that she wanted to take the class down to the Answers in Genesis' Creation Museum in Kentucky. I doubt it'll happen. But it would be totally amazing if we did. Though I don't really think there's that much stuff there that would involve physics. Biology and chemistry? Yes. *Teacher's aide. For Mrs. Clark. To help with video class stuff, since I couldn't take it this year. Physics is in the way. *Lunch. *Movies as Literature. Meaning we watch movies then discuss them. Verbally and written-ly. *Photography. Yay! Mr. Wright again. He's so cool. *Drawing III. The III doesn't mean much. I've not drawn much lately. I think I might want to study graphic design in college. Maybe. I don't know. Or something science/doctor-y. Also, I'm doing the scorebooks for junior high volleyball. And JV. And varsity. I think.

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