Monday, August 13, 2007

I forgot a subject line.

They're selling wristSTRONG bracelets now! And by they, I mean Comedy Central. But they're five dollars each. Plus 5.40 shipping and handling. Do I want to spend that much on a piece of rubber? Yes. Barely. Last night, at church, there was a concert. By someone who used to go to our church. But she got married and moved to Dayton and had four kids. Her husband works with children at the church they go to down there. Jennifer Deal. She's made a cd in her home studio, and this was her first concert. It was pretty cool. Her voice is amazing. I remember her from when I was younger. Her Myspace. That's all. I finished reading The Fortress of Solitude, Naked Pictures of Famous People, and America (The Book) yesterday. I got the audio book of America the Book from the library. I didn't even notice that Stephen Colbert was the headings/summary reader until two thirds of the way through the second chapter. His voice is so different. Much more calm and quiet and subdued, almost like he's trying to talk to you without waking anybody up. If that makes sense. Jon Stewart has a [EDIT: lover(l)y] voice. My typos are horrible.

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