Friday, May 4, 2007


The school play's tonight! And tomorrow! A Murder Is Announced. By Agatha Christie. From my class, Josh and Emily and Heather are in it. Shall be very neat. I'm hoping I can go both nights. The Office disappoints me. There is absoultely no reason for that kind of sexual crap. So many other decent and unraunchy things can be funny. Boo, NBC. Boo. Had a government test today. Pretty easy. English class is driving me crazy! It's so pathetic the things she makes us do; I could learn like 5 times as much in the same amount of time on my own. We're reading The Merchant of Venice, and she keeps telling us what happens later on in the book. SPOILER ALERT! The ship sinks. Oh wait, that was what she told us when we just started watching Moby Dick. Also, Dimmesdale dies. And Portia marries Bassanio. And all Antonio's ships sink. BUT. Next week, she's gone on senior trip with the seniors, and Mr. Davis is our substitute. He actually teaches us things, and, even though he makes us work crazy hard, my whole class likes him better. Which is saying something cause my class is extremely lazy. The paper clip was invented in 1867. Mr. Wright told us that today. Studay hall/video class was boring-ish today. Mike and I went to the library because the conference room, where we usually go, was filled with people and/or occupied. We looked at an issue of Popular Science. (No such thing, man. More like Nerdular Nerdence.) That magazine's cool. But not as much as Wired. Then Mike had to leave for a doctor's apointment, so I went into the cafeteria where Bob and Jeremy were trying to find a good music track for our college video. Any idea? It's gotta be around 3 minutes long, give or take 30 second. Instrumental would be better. Right now, we're prolly gonna use Smash Mouth's All Star. Bleh. Overused. But kinda cool. Next week's gonna be so boring without the seniors here. I shall be all alone in video class all week.

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