Friday, May 25, 2007


We had an awesome dodgeball tournament at school on Thursday. Everyone had planned a ton of stuff and was extremely excited for it. It was fun. I was on a good team. Sam, Chuck, Mike, and Tony. Every team had to have at least one girl on it. Aaron, Sam's younger brother, asked me to be on his team, but I thought I was going to video tape it, so I said no. Then Bob said it didn't matter if I taped it or not, and Tony asked me to be on his team, and his sounded like it had people on it who I wouldn't want to be against: really hard-throwing people like Chuck and Sam. So I joined his team. Then Aaron kept complaining about it. His team, who was brown and called Troop 417 ended up winning, too. So he was all, "Ha!" at me today. It was funny. We were green and our name was/is/whatever Total Sweetness. Tony keeps insisting that it's Totally Sweetness, but we say that that doesn't make any sense. Because it doesn't. The boundaries of the court were along the volleyball court lines; there were tables all set up around it like this. and this. This my team. Yo. Tony, Sam, me, Mike, Chuck. There were preliminary warm-up-type rounds that didn't hurt our records, just seeded us in the brackets. Since there were an uneven amount of teams, we were the only team to play twice. THe first time, we played a team of all junior highers, beat them pretty quickly. Then we played the black team, Shock and Awe, which was all seniors. We beat them in fifteen seconds. It was great. Sam had a really good catch. Video! Yay! So we won both those two games. Then the actual tournament ws double elimination. We won our first game, but somehow lost the next two. They were all extremely short; I doubt we played more than six or seven minutes total. The black team worked their way back up the bracket thing (or whatever) and played Aaron's team. Best out of seven games. Aaron's team won. The end.

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