Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Went on Adopt-A-Highway after school today. TJ, Heather, and I went on one side of the road and Josh, Kim, and Brittni went on the other. We found a Blue Man Group cd still in its original cardboard and shrinkwrap case thing. I unwrapped it; Mrs. Warkentien put it in the van's cd player; it worked fine. Cool music. Then I found a "Gangsta Boo" cd which was all muddy. I might clean it off and listen. Probably not. It was fun. Took about two hours. The weather was good. Cooled off right as we started. Too much wind though. Dust. We saw a dead something in the grass. Couldn't tell what it was. Just fur. TJ and I played Pac Man and Dig Dug and Galaxian on the way back to the school. We got cable. It is awesome. Right now, we've got all 70-something channels. But it's like a free trial-ish thing; cable people are coming sometime soon to do something to something so that we only get basic basic cable. Which mostly adds QVC, HSN, and two C-SPAN channels. Ah well. Picture quality's much better. No more dumb antenna. But I can't figure out how to record anything with the VCR. House is on tonight. I like Mythbusters and How It's Made and Little People, Big World and very much other stuff.

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