Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I doth protest. Citizen's arrest.

The Shadow Government is so cool. This week's been pretty good. Less boring that I expected, even though the seniors are gone. My class and the sophomores are going on a field trip to the Cod on Friday. Yay field trip! The first one I've been on all year. In art, we're building these little model-ish things with tiny, tiny bricks and sand-grit-oatmealish mortar. Kim and I are working on the coliseum. It's got 965 pieces. The whole thing's like maybe ten inches across. It's pretty cool. Tyler and Cameron and Chuck are doing one of those too. We're having a race. Me and Kim are way winning. Other people are doing the Great Wall of China, which's got 600-something parts and a Mayan temple thing that's got 300-ish. I think maybe Kim and I will finish first. It's so fun! I don't know why. There is a little plastic wheelbarrow and metal spade for the mortar. And the mortar's water soluable, so you can build it over and over again. The play was very good. I went both nights. The Else is amazing. Bye.

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