Thursday, May 17, 2007


It was kinda cold today. Junior high and high school went on a field trip to an Indians baseball game today. Against Minnesota. Also listened and watched, before the game, to NBC local weather people talk about weather. I think it was geared toward 3rd grade. Boring stuff. As was the game. We sat at the back, on the third base side in foul territory. Absolutely nothing happened until the 7th inning when the fourth and fifth people in the Indians' lineup had back-to-back home runs. And then nothing again. Four hits for each team the entire game. Still way better than school though. Sat by Kristin. Talked to her. And Mike. Then we went back to school, and I ran the scoreboard for the second of the two third through sixth grade intramural basketball games. They're very funny to watch. The super-secret Office season finale is on in 20 minutes! Yay!

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