Friday, August 1, 2008

My name is Alex Day, and I am not gay. I'm just in love. With a dude called Charlesburg.

Ugh... I've exceeded the limit for entry tags again. Must go remove tags such as horseradish, nutmeg, coliseum, eclair, and Alberto Gonzales. And then I will watch TDS and TCR. I want to hear the Southern accent. Yes I do. Southern accent! How 'bout you? I am an idiot. And then I will probably earn my $.15/question. By mostly answering "who r u?" "is frank gay?" "how do u have sex?" and the even worse "if i invested $100 in barbies when they were first made how much would i have now?" It's fun though. Somewhat. I find myself almost writing "Thanks for using ChaCha!" at the end of my texts or IMs. Dis not good.

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