Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hold up; wait a minute, put a little love in it.

I've been on blogtv pretty much constantly the last three or four days. And there's been one show or another that's caused me to forgo sleep and to watch/talk until morning.

This past night it was RyRy158's room - a bunch of his friends were there, namely Bracken and Adam who are both awesome people. We talked about The Office and Stephen Colbert and grammar and stuff. And did a madlib! That was based on a dream Bracken had.
mad lib - Broadcast your self LIVE

The night before that, all the youtube people were in Toronto in a hotel room congregating, and four or five of them were broadcasting and it was crazy and loud and interesting.And then the night before that, Charles Trippy went live really late because he was anxious about flying and nervous or something like that. And we helped him better pack/organize his suitcase. And we found this toy for him that he'd always wanted. Hit Stix. Found an ebay auction, and he bid. And he said that if he won, he'd recreate the very 80s commercial. And he did win the auction. So I'm very excited to see that video. He also talked for three or four hours about all kinds of music and played us stuff from his library and discussed the evolution of bands and etc. He's got really extensive and awesome musical taste. Also, earlier that day, he did prank calls, and in one of them, he called a random Guitar Center and asked if they had the Pick of Destiny. And he kept going on and on and it was amazing and hilarious.

And then the night before that, I think it was, I stayed up and did stuff in itsBrent's room. He has a short movie thing in a competition and that was the last day of voting, so people stayed up to vote and then did in the morning some too. And his won. So that was cool.
Dis Brent:

Man of 1000 Voices - Broadcast your self LIVE
He cracks me up.

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