Saturday, November 17, 2007

Music is my daddy. Music's my imaginary friend.

Today was fun. From 12 to 5:30, I made pumpkin rolls at Sara's house. That our class is selling at school. It was fun. One of the bread parts came out of the pan in four pieces though. Ground nutmeg and ginger smell horrible. Then I went bowling with my church church's youth group. From 7ish till 9. I did pretty well. I had the highest score the first game out of all 10 of us. Yay. And I got three strikes and six spares in two and a half games. And my scores were 112, 89, and 50 at the fifth frame of the third game. I know all this because we kept scores on papers which are sitting right in front of me. My average was 1.6 points higher than Jonathan's. Bwahaha. The end.

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