Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun stuff.

I am such a lazy procrastinator. I need to write stuff on here more. Thanksgiving was fun. Really cool. Except for my cold, but whatever. On Thursday, went over to my grandma's house for food and stuff. Cassie and Danielle and Aunt Diana came up from Columbus. We ate. And we played card games. I loves the card games. We played solitare with eight people. That is fast. It's impossible to keep up. And very little room. And lots of hands going everywhere. And 20-something aces all over the table. Super fun. Matt, Derek, Sarah, Danielle, and I tried doing crosswords from a book for 15-ish minutes, but gave up out of frustration. Then Phase 10. With six or seven people. A third of the way through the game, Ramsey came over, so he started one phase behind whoever was in last. I got stuck on phase six for ten turns. And then Ramsey won. So that was kinda depressing. But not. It was fun. And it also took about four hours. On Friday, my family went to cousins on the other side's house. And ate. We wanted to play DDR or some Crash Bandicoot racing game. But Abby couldn't find their PS2. And so Jess looked. And I did, and so did their mom. But we couldn't find it anywhere. So we didn't play it. We played Phase 10. And this time I won, and the game went by fast. Weird. On Saturday, Kara and I went to my aunt Brenda's house where Matt and Danielle and Cassie and Aunt Diana were. And other people came to eat lunch. We played solitare again, and I did better. We play to 100 and I usually end up with something like negative twenty, but this time I had 50. Then we went to watch Beowulf which is not a good movie. The dragon is not Beowulf's son; Beowulf kills Grendal's mother. And I wish Beowulf'd fight with his clothes on. We came back home and watched Benchwarmers. That movie is much more funny than I thought it'd be. I shall have to borrow it. I watched Wordplay four or five times over break. I love that movie. Crosswords, Jon Stewart, Tyler's Trogdor shirt, and They Might Be Giants music. I'm doing The Plain Dealer's crossword every day in school now. Which I think are taken from the LA Times. On Tuesday's puzzle, I finished it except for two squares. And two other letters were wrong. Today, I have a bunch of it not done. But Emily and Brittni and Mr. Wright help. And I do the one in The Chronicle too. But their clues are harder and dumber.

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