Monday, November 5, 2007

I am extremely lazy. Wow.

Yes. I haven't updated anything on here for two weeks. Man. I always read everything on my friends page though. Just haven't posted. We had our second annual dodgeball tournament like two weeks ago. Chuck, Tyler L., Tyler W., Carissa, and I were on a team, and we got third. Fun stuff. We were the white team and our name was the Purple Flowers. Took the SAT on Saturday. I think I did really really well on it. All the English and reading questions were super easy; I didn't know how to do maybe ten math questions, and that was it. And I liked the essay topic. If more choices make us happy. Pff, no. And... I can't think of anything else. Currently I am burning a ton of CDs of recent Colbert Reports. I have them back through June up through September-ish. Must get the rest. AND. The Best of the Colbert Report DVD's out tomorrow, and I shall be buying that. At Best Buy. Because it said in the Sunday ads that it comes with a bonus disc. Yay. I wish The Paper Soldier would be published already. It was originally supposed to be in like... 1999. Or something. I dunno. Darn you and your time consuming success, Hugh Laurie!

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