Thursday, November 29, 2007


First basketball game was today. Just the JV guys. Which I think was basically the same as the varsity guys. They played Hearts for Jesus. Homeschool group team. They weren't very good. We won 39 to 20-something though we could have done much better. TJ's the only guy from my class playing. Out of the two guys in my class. Josh was playing. But now he's not. :sadface: I worked in the concession stand with Sara and Eveline. And Sara burned the popcorn. And blamed it on Ev. And Joseph was there with Luke and Justin. And he came up to the concession stand and kept criticizing and asking questions about the pricing and wording of the menu sign. I have a box of Nerds and Gatorade. Disgusting amounts of sugar are in me. I feel flitty and strange. Flitty isn't a word. I don't care. Whee. Very super happy fan person type post tomorrow with squee-type things. Yaaaay sugar!

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