Friday, February 20, 2009

This is not about Tom. is pretty fantastically amazing. I think there are two kinds of people, just, in general. Ones who are totally enthralled by something like this, and ones who have no interest and see it as a waste of time. I do not understand this second group of people. I don't think I can be friends with them. I mean, come on. How does this not interest you?

It's been really fun trying to figure pages out on my own, and, after the yelling of obscenities and the punching of inanimate objects (not really) collaborating with lovely people. I think I was in both groups that finished first each time. First Adam and I worked together on the final page of the first set. And Alli and I, and then also Lysh worked on the second clues, eventually combining collective epic brainpowerz with Alan and Melissa. It was glorious.

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Promoting makes for a better, you know.


  1. i need help figuring out the 4th question about the letters from zed (it says something about mark twain too)

  2. Doesn't have anything to do with Mark Twain. Check the page source, and also, "first two letters" is important.

  3. i need help with the "what do they have in common" part....

  4. Once you figure out who all three of them are, google their names together.


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