Saturday, February 28, 2009

similarity lurks under styles of mustache

Stolen from facebook.

1. Favorite TMBG song?
I Should Be Allowed to Think, When It Rains It Snows, Now That I Have Everything, Memo to Human Resources, and all the other ones.

2. Favorite TMBG album?
Lincoln. Good stuff.

3. Favorite TMBG album art?
Can I say User's Guide? Otherwise, Factory Showroom.

4. Favorite John?
Linnell. That cheesesteak/cake story. Hot.

5. Favorite Dan/Marty?
Marty. His rabbit drumming faces are my favorite.

6. Favorite past backing band member?
Graham Maby. He's kind of adorable, and his name is excellent.

7. Favorite TMBG lyric?
"I wasn't always so fortunate, but I knew what I had to do to be well-to-do, and it had to do with the things I had to do."

8. Favorite TMBG live show?

9. Favorite State Song?
The Songs of the 50 States, also South Carolina.

10. Favorite Mono Puff song?
Unsupervised, I Hit My Head. Or Poison Flowers.

11. Have you attended any live TMBG shows? If so, which?
NO :< The week before I found out who TMBG was, I could have gone to a kids show for free. But I thought they were like the Wiggles. D:

12. Have you ever met anybody in the band? If so, how and when?

13. Do you like their musical style on "The Else"?
I like all their styles. Miles and miles of styles.

14. What are your thoughts on them doing children's music?
Good good good. I know a lot of people see Their adult and children's music as two different, distinct-ish things, but pshh. It's all the same to me. I likes it.

15. If they show up on TV, do you go out of your way to watch it?

16. What is your favorite TMBG quirk (Spin the Dial, Phone Calls From The Dead)?
Spin the Dial. I love how creepy Flansburgh makes everything.

17. Have you ever been to a location where TMBG filmed a music video?
No. But that would be very, very ftw.

18. Do you have any of the TMBG DVDs?
Direct from Brooklyn, Gigantic, Venue Songs, Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s, that Blues Clues DVD in which they do Clap Your Hands. Are there any more?

19. Favorite TMBG music video?
I don't know I don't know I don't know. Rabid Child. No. Um. Puppet Head. For the Linnell Hair.

20. Have you received a setlist from TMBG?

21. Did Oppenheimer open for any of the shows you've attended?

22. How about .357 Lover?

23. Just Corn Mo himself?

24. Sex Mob?

25. Any openers I haven't mentioned?
No. But I really like Michael Leviton.

26. Did you see Coraline purely for the fact that TMBG wrote a song for it?
I have not seen Coraline. When I do see it, it will be because of TMBG and Mr. Hodgman. And because it looks excellent.

27. Are you a user on This Might Be A Wiki?

28. Have you even heard of it?
I loves it.

29. Which do you prefer; State Songs or Mono Puff?
State Sooooongs! Dustbuster playing! Man!

30. Did you ever call Dial-A-Song, even when it was down?
Yes. Many, many times. I only got through once ever, and it was We Live In A Dump, and I recorded the audio on our video camera, and I was ecstatic. But then my sister recorded over it with her lip syncing to Build Me Up Buttercup. I hate her.

31. Least favorite TMBG song?
P.S.O.K. :S

32. Least favorite TMBG album?
No! Maybe. I don't know. It's hard to not like an entire group of things.

33. Least favorite album art?
No! It's creepy.

34. Favorite Fingertip song?
I've Found a New Friend Underneath My Pillow (what does it MEAN?) or I Walk Along Darkened Corridors, for its live show majesty.

35. Your thoughts on Space Suit, the last song on Apollo 18?
I LOVE IT. Sometimes I get into weird moods and play it over and over. Reminds me up the Hitchhiker's Guide theme, the tv show version, kind of.

36. Favorite Venue Song?
Atlanta, Leeds, and Santa Cruz. I haven't given one answer for any of these. Bahah.

37. Favorite song that was on No!, Here Come The ABCs, or Here Come The 123s?

38. Do you want the Live Show Downloads to come back?
Well YES.

39. Have you been to any of the states that were mentioned in State Songs?
Pennsylvania. And Ohio, if that counts, but I do not think that it does.

40. Are you going to buy Here Comes Science and their next adult album?
Hecks yeah.

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