Saturday, February 14, 2009

but he also kinda likes the look of that new old navy fleece

So I was thinking about dreaming the other day, and the effect it has on my attitude towards and view of people. I often find myself holding grudges or being more terse with people who've wronged me in my dreams.

I had a dream once in which I was talking to someone, squatting down to the side of where they were sitting, and they raised up their elbow and jammed it back into my face. The next day at school, I was mad at them, hated them. I still am angry at them for doing that to me, even though I'm fully aware it never actually happened. But still. What a JERK.

Sooo my opinions of people are heavily influenced and molded by my subconscious self. Which in turn is probably rooted in how I really feel. It's like a never ending cycle. Meta. Pretty cool. Totally screwed up.


  1. I fall in to this trap, but usually in the opposite way. I'll start liking someone, or reading more into what they're saying than they're really saying and then I start thinking everything they say or do is flirting and totally build up this connection that doesn't actually exist. Le sigh.

  2. ive totally felt that way before...logically it makes no sense, but ya still feel the same. i don't know. =)


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