Saturday, June 9, 2007


Everything went really well last night; it was great. Very sad and happy at the same time. Kristin and I didn't mess up on our "Please join me in saying the pledge to the _______ flag," and no one tripped or fell down the aisle. Steph and Steve's and Rachel and Nate's songs were really nice. Pastor Dave was the commencement speaker; his speech was really awesome. And funny. He was talking about how there are two categories of adults in relationship to candy. The grandparents and people at church who give you candy when you're good and give you candy when you're bad to try to get you to be good. The other group who does not: parents, teachers, dentists, and mean people. Bob and Bethanne's speeches were really nice too. Afterwards, after waiting in line for forever, I got pictures and hugs from every one of them. Except only a handshake from Jeremy. Cause he doesn't do that. In practice, he was all "I never hug my mom. What'm I supposed to do?" Haha. Going to a wedding reception today. Bleh. I cannot wait for Tuesday! Cedar Point! Yay.

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