Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Get to tha Point

CP was extremely awesome. Pretty good weather. Didn't rain at all, was really sunny. A little too hot though. I can has sunburn now? Yes. But not bat at all. And only on my face. We left the church at like 9:30 or something. Lots of people. 30 or 40. Sat by Mandy on the way there. In the green van. I walked around with Pastor Dave, Steve, Sam, Garrett, Andrew, and Kim. Other people walked with us later after lunch and stuff. We only had about two hours before lunch. First thing we went on was the Millennium. Only waited like 45 minutes. That ride is so awesome. Really smooth. Then we went on the Skyhawk. Was the first time I'd gone on it. Sat next to Steve. He screamed like the whole time. Actually it was more like yelling. I'm tired of typing. Will finish this later.

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