Thursday, June 7, 2007

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One more day till graduation. How exciting/cool/sad/nervous-ish. Will be extremely strange. I'm going to Cedar Point with church youth group people on Tuesday. Haven't been to CP for a while. Wanna see the Maverick and lack of log ride and those two other newish spin-y rides. Last time I went was like two years ago. With youth group people. I went on the Wicked Twister with Pastor Dave. Highly amusing. The Top Thrill Dragster is overrated I think. Is cool, but a waste of time to wait for more than, like, thirty minutes. My family's going to my mom's cousin's wedding reception in Pennsylvania on Saturday. He got married in Jamaica I think. My mom hardly ever sees him. I don't wanna go. There're seven graduation parties that I would very much like to go to instead. It is dumb. Yay for Cedar Point. It shall be so much fun!

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