Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I've not said anything on here for a while, and I should, and I need to, so I am, but I am tired, and I have had one hour of sleep in the last 32 hours, so that's causing me to repeatedly mistype things, and also, I don't know what to say.

Oh. I, for some reason, uploaded all the blogtv screenshots I've taken over the last few months onto photobucket. I do not know why I did this. I felt like they were being completely useless just sitting in a folder in my pictures. So I put them online, where they will be just as useless, only they'll be online. Are online. Also I've taken to tagging each picture with the name of the show's broadcaster, so the one person who, 6 years from now, stumbles onto the page can sort them. Yet I left my American Cinema paper unwritten until the last minute. PRIORITIES!

I'm waiting on Amazon and Barnes and Noble to deliver me things. Most importantly, PAPER TOWNS WHICH COMES OUT IN TWO DAYS AND WHICH WILL BE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND <3. And also More Information Than You Require and The Areas of My Expertise, both of which are by John Hodgman, the first of which does not come out until the 21st and the latter which is in paperback form. And I got Let It Snow by John Green and Maureen Johnson and some other lady. I do not remember her name. I will go look it up. It is Lauren Myracle. I don't remember how her name is pronounced. John said it in a live show, but I forgot. Ohhh John Green. I LOVE YOU.

Continuing with that, I've decided that I'm going to watch every single vlogbrothers video. In order, obviously, and also I will comment on each video. They have, as of now, 353 videos, so this will take a while. I don't have anything to do tomorrow. Assuming their videos are, on average, 3 minutes each, that would be 1059 minutes total, or 17.65 hours. I am also assuming that I did not mistake a minute to have 100 seconds. Unlike some people. Namely, JOHN.

Have I mentioned John? No. Yes. But not enough. The man is amazing. My gosh. He is an author. And a videoblogger. And an anagrammatist. And a fan of conjoined twins, and of last words, and of thinking, and of screened-in porches.

So I am going to watch the newest vlogbrothers video, in which John reads the prologue from his new novel, Paper Towns. This is a really awesome glimpse of the process of the evolution of ideas; way back last year, John read a rough draft of the very same prologue from the very same book, in very different form. I absolutely adore that we were able to see and listen to John every other day while this book was being written. I think it gives us an amazingly special position from which to read the book. And I love that.

I also love Hank.

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