Saturday, September 29, 2007

I have a tiny bit of sunburn.

Kara and Abby and my mom and dad and Uncle Scott went to Apple Hill, which is an orchard and a bunch of other stuff like hay mazes and animals and pumpkins and a store and booths and food. We picked a bunch of apples. And I took pictures. And got visciously scratched by an apple tree. It was fun. Not the scratch. Then we went back to their house. And I made Jess a facebook account. My sister and I play the New Super Mario Bros Mario vs Luigi game all the time. Very fun. I beat her 95% of the time. The Office premiere was ok. Not, like, one of the best episodes ever. But ok. I am so totally getting a Support the Rabid rubber bracelet. And a WristStrong. I will be the most awesomest geeky person ever. Am gonna buy I Am America (And So Can You!) too. I got a Calvin and Hobbes book, Yukon Ho! at the book fair thing at school. And the fourth Artemis Fowl book.

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