Saturday, September 15, 2007

I got them at a fancier place. Target.

Tons of stuff. From Target. The Office stuff. Dwight head stress ball. Coffee mugs. Lots of paper products. And magnets. Also pens and pencils. Mechanical ones. Sam just randomly appeared in the gym during junior high volleyball practice yesterday. Very awesome. Good to see him. He's working at Camp Patmos for a week. Neato. The junior high team was in this "Friendship Tournament" today. With two other teams. Only we split up into two different teams as did Lake Ridge. Open Door did not. Many games. We had to be at LR at 8:00 in the morning. Not very fun. Even though I accidentally fell asleep at 10 PM on Friday. I think each team played five games. Something like that. They had two courts at the same time; the gym wasn't wide enough for the girls to serve from the actual serving line, which was about two feet from the wall on one side. I mostly watched. Was slightly perturbed at having gotten up so early for mostly nothing. But for two of the last games, I did the scorebook for the people. And Eveline flipped the little score-keeper-flap things. Eveline is cool and also a foreign exchange student from Brazil that is in my class and lives with the Warkentiens and is staying for six months. I'm waiting for The House That Hugh Laurie Built and I Am America (And So Can You). And, apparently, The Paper Soldier. At least I hope so. I'm reading the book of Andrew Keen, who was on The Colbert Report a monthish ago. The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet Is Killing Our Culture. He is very annoying and mostly wrong and extremely arrogant/retarded. And he keeps calling internet people "monkeys" and "noble amateurs". Only in a sarcastic tone. Stupid man. I want to punch him. In the eye/tooth. I have been watching too much of The Office.

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