Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jamie want big boom.

My mom and my sister and my cousins Abby and Jess and I went to Cascade Park to watch the fireworks. There were a lot of people on that hill. Very, very many. Pieces of fireworks kept falling on us. Really tiny pieces. They looked like seeds. Only they smelled like sulfur. There were a ton of lightning bugs. It was so cool. Their lights were green, not yellow. I think that was the most surprising and awesome thing I've ever seen in my life. Are green light-emitting fireflies common? I've never heard of them before. It would be cool to catch all different species of them and put them in a jar. Rainbow-y. I don't know why I'm typing like this. In this format. Like every sentence is a single, complete thought. That's the definition of a sentence, though, yeah? Fireworks are cool. They were set to music. I could feel the thumping of the bass and of the fireworks in my chest. I love the smell of explosives and gunpowder and burning wood. Very much. Fire is the most insane, amazing, crazy, interesting thing ever.

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