Saturday, July 14, 2007

I love late night tv.

TMBG on Conan. Very interesting. During his monologue, I just stared at their guitars and bass and drums and plinky piano thing. I wish They would have picked a different song to do; I'm Impressed is by far my least favorite. It's just. Blah. Plain and boring. I love Marty. His faces are so cute/awesome. Them all yelling in the middle scared me. And I told my mother before They came on that Linnell would be wearing a dress shirt and tie, like in 2001. With his pants all hiked up really high. Hehe. INeedACrane on tmbw said he had on the same tie as six years ago. This amuses me to no end. Also, Bear Grylls was on Kimmel. It was a pretty good interview, much better than when he was on Letterman the other week. He seems to never quite answer the question he's asked, but rather start talking about other stuff. Like motivational stuff. Or something. I don't know. But this interview was good. Much more relaxed and junk. But the previous guest that was sitting next to Bear kept butting in and trying to talk over Bear and/or Jimmie. That was annoying. Said something about how if Bear died, the cameramen would be all "Let's grill Bear." Lolololololnot. I thought CBS took out the commercial break in the middle of Craig Ferguson's monologue. I guess not. It's only been there a week or so, but all the fan people kept complaining. CBS is dumb. I burned the back sides of the roof of my mouth, parallel to the molars, eating a hot dog a few days ago. Still hasn't healed and continuously torments me whenever I eat scratchy things. My mom and my dad and my sister and my grandma and I are going to Kansas on Monday. We're gonna fly. Will be my first time. We're going to visit cousins. And aunt and uncle. Will be there for my birthday. It's the 17th. And I'll be 17. Coincidence? Yes. I have to get up really early tomorrow. Ok. At 8:30. To pass out fliers for Vacation Bible School. I see absolutely no point or advantage in doing it that early. I'm drinking pink lemonade. The kind in which powder is poured into a water bottle. I really like those. But it hurts the roof of my mouth. The end.

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