Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Last.fm is amazing. I love it. Very much. TOMORROW'S PI DAY!!! YAY! That means pie tomorrow in place of math class. Or, rather, in math class. I'm so happy. I hope there's cherry! In math today, Mr. Townsend opened the window because it's like 60 freaking degrees out. They're those skinny windows that're really tall and you have to crank to open. The screen wasn't in for some reason. He keeps all our turned in/graded papers in a file-like thing next to the window. He's opening the window and says all of a sudden "Oh no!" because a paper blew out the window onto the playground. I ran downstairs and outside. It was really windy. I found it though. It was Stephen Linden's. So I brought it back upstairs. He put the screen on. There were also static cling snowflake thingies on the window. And one fell off. So I went back downstairs again and outside, but I couldn't find it. The end. I actually love math class a little now. Mr. Townsend's leaving after this year though. Right when I started to really like and understand him and his teaching style too... I hope the new teacher next year keeps the physics class's traditiony thing of building rocket cars. I was looking forward to that. I am going to miss so many people next year. Mr. Spickler, Mr. Townsend. And all the seniors! Video class will be so much different and most likely more lamer. More lame. I will be sad when they are gone.

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