Friday, January 19, 2007

IE 7 is stupid

I'm going to my class's fundraiser thing at Burger King tonight. We get a certain percentage of money people who mention the school pay from 4 to 8 tonight. After that, there're basketball games at Lake Ridge which is just down the road from there. The guys should definitely win. I'm recording the game for Bob because it was supposed to be icy and he lives in Cleveland and probably really shouldn't drive the 40 minutes or so it would take. I gave TJ and awesome pen tattoo that says "Jim & Pam Forever" in a heart. Only it was above his elbow and the heart is all lopsided and kinda crappy looking. It was snowing alot today, pretty much constantly. The air/ground wasn't cold enough though, so most of it on pavement melted. Bye.

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