Friday, January 5, 2007

50K Racewalker is insane. I've gone 0.07k. Fun fun. WHOO!! I got home from school about two hours ago. There were four basketball games. JH girls, who lost miserably. JH boys. They won. Varsity girls lost pretty bad too. But not nearly as bad as the JH. VARSITY GUYS WON! They did really really well. Won by 20. Sam almost dunked a bunch of times. I could tell he really wanted to. Skitzomania's tomorrow! Which is this big-ish Hebron church youth thing where kids from youth groups put on skits or show videos and judges pick the best one in the humor and serious categories. The trophy for the serious category is a hippo's head, kinda mounted on a plaque. Humorous is a hippo butt. Last year, FBCS won the humorous category with this "interpretive dance" to Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up. It was so, so, so funny. Our title must be defended. And Pastor Dave said we can show the ER video which should definitely win. And our old Hall Monitor commercial thing. I'm excited. It's fun. The annual geography bee was today. There were ten kids, two each from 4-8 grade. It was SO PATHETIC. Nobody answered their question right the first round. Only one person got one right the second. So he was automatically in the championship round. The next round, little Matt Plog got his right. He's only in 4th grade. The answer was Brazil and the question said something about that it made up almost half of South America. There wasn't even enough time to finish the thing; every kid waited until their time'd run out, Mr. Spickler would ask them if they had an answer, and they'd say no. I think only one kid actually said anything before they were pushed to. It was horrible. I could tell Mr. Spickler was getting all depressed. He got less and less enthusiastic as the thing went on.

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