Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I suppose I'm gonna put all the things from late night tv which I thought were funny on here. Every day. Or so. Most of it'll be about Ferguson. "It's so hot that I feel like the Kool-aid guy is gonna crash through the wall any minute, b ut he never does." -Mr. Kimmell. One or two m's and l's? I dunno. Also, Guiermo as the "Lady in the Water" was great. Guiermo rocks. Craig got a new set. Yay. It's all purple and blue; very cool. Eddie Izzard said it had "the wonderful air of a train station." He also has a really good diet plan called "Don't Eat the Bloody Thing" or Don't Eat the Carpet. Or shrubs. Other quotes form Ferg. *Craiggie in the Water *I feel like bacon. *M. Night Shah-ma-la-mayan *Big hugh John Goodman head-shaped apples. ^Look at that. Every time I type hug or huge it comes out "Hugh". It's a major problem. *He actually said "telemarketers" right. Instead of telemarkerers. *Alluding to Bob Barker's vampire-ism. I'm done.

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