Tuesday, February 9, 2010

can we achieve to destroy by starving it

on john green and unicorns

raocow twitter

"einstein watermelon on a toilet"

"phyllis, this is a spoon"

big big big big big big big fake

blood alone moves the wheels of hystory

hysterical things to say

site:blogspot.com "horse pooping" photo

i can do cartwheels for a mile

rachael ray skydiving deal with valerie

imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia

"i don't do anything ever"

"who's your little whosit?"

john green paper towns nerds catfish

a small yet hysterical egg

animated claw marks

chapstick counterproductive

eyeitches inside wats the reason

flansburgh how pathetic our situation

i hate john green

late late show destroyed by bob barker

mario incandenzas police lock

sentence of destroyed

they'll need a crane john linnell crying

what happens if i put hashtags in the 4chan name box with exclamation points

"full to the brim of vitamin b"

a big sentence

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