Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cause who doesn't like pork rinds?

Very soon I will be composing a super awesome fanperson excited entry of extremely epic proportions (alliteration is dumb) because I have found another entity with which I've fallen in complete love. (That sentence sounds weird because I made it not end with a preposition.)

Everybody knows, or at least everybody who knows me well knows, or at least I know, that I tend to/always obsess (or another similar but slightly different word that I cannot think of at the moment) over/about (I use slashes too much. [and parenthesis]) things once I stumble upon them.

The first was Back to the Future in the beginning of 2005, when I was 14. I remember this clearly, and I don't know why. During a basketball game at school, Sam was talking to someone about warm up music, and I heard him say something about using the BTTF theme song. I thought about how I hadn't watched those movies in a long time, and when I got home, or the next day, or whatever, I watched them. Had forgotten how wonderful they were. I watched them over and over. I looked online for sites about them. I found and joined their message board. This was right when we first got dial-up internet and was what started my undying love affair (what?) with the internet (which is not a truck, but a series of tubes).

I watched the movies so frequently that I had the vast majority of Part I memorized. I learned everything about the actors and crew and filming and such. Discussed all this on the forums. Moved over to the forums in April 05 and posted an insane amount as well. Made a bunch of friends, but the site's mostly defunct now, and none of them have been there for a few years.

Am not so much enamored with Back to the Future any more. I still am completely in love with those movies, but am not all crazy active in the fandom.

Also, some time in the middle of that long and pointless story I got a xanga account and kept a blog on there until March of 2006-ish.

And then I made a livejournal account in June and wrote in there sometimes daily, mostly weekly, always monthly up until I started here.

Um.....all of that's to say that I get obsessed with things. And that I am really excited about this new thing. And that it may be one of the things with which I've fallen in love most deeply. Again with the preposition thing. Sorry.

That is all.

Ah, and also, I enjoy stealing things from John Hodman: Author, Former Professional Literary Agent, Deranged Millionaire, Resident Expert, and PC.

[If you can tell with whom I've fallen in love by the subject line, mad <3]

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