Friday, October 12, 2007

As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain

Walk-a-thon was today! It was pretty good. It was also pretty cold. And pretty leaves and their pretty colors. Also, pretty fun. I walked at the front the whole time. Except for when Mr. Wright decided he'd jog for like 15 minutes from where we turned around all the way back to the place we ate lunch. He's crazy. Not really. He's super cool. When we first started walking, TJ and Josh and I discussed last night's episode of The Office. Michael and Dwight sitting out in a restauraunt parking lot on Dwight's car imitating and making fun of Ryan was great. And Michael calling Angela "booster seat". I love that so much. "Phyllis. This is a spoon. It has a round top and is used for scooping." And then we talked about our favorite episodes and deleted scenes and stuff. And TJ said that asking what your favorite episode of The Office is like asking what the favorite part of your life was. Hah. It's great having people in real life who are as excited about things as you are. And TJ really likes The Colbert Report. I've told him about and am going to make him a dvd of all the Even Stephvens. Because those things are so dang awesome. And then we walked more. I'm going to start each new paragraph-like section with "and". It's fun. I talked to Mr. Wright and Mandy and Kristen V a bunch. And at our second break, we got M&Ms. And we kept throwing them in the air and catching them in our mouths. And then we threw them to TJ to catch. Some were at him instead. I felt like I was feeding a dog. It was fun. And this year, the walking seemed super short. Which is ok, I guess. I didn't feel sore at all, not even after sitting on the bus for a half hour and getting up again. But now my legs feel stiff and sore-ish. But it's fine. This was our class's last Walk-a-thon ever. How sad. I think I've been on fifteen of them. Fifteen or sixteen. I think fifteen. The junior high girls have a volleyball tournament tomorrow. I wonder how they'll feel then. Sore.

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